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Electric Scooter Rental Company at WashU


Centify brings transparency to donations, so you can support your favorite organization with confidence

TYD (To Your Dorm)

A food delivery service geared towards college students in which food will be delivered at their door.


A USB-C charger as slim as a modern smartphone.

WW Services

Services for people in need, by people in need.


A phone case that integrates a built-in credit card/ID/money holder and is more user-friendly than existing solutions.


Reimagining medical software used by physicians to improve patient care using a combination of voice, text-based inputs and AI.

Euler Science

Euler Science has created an interactive semantic search engine for patents and scientific literature that visually clusters results to enable the rapid discovery of related works, reducing research timelines and budgets while accelerating technological advancement.

Cart Connect

Connecting the opinions of your closest friends and family with your online shopping cart.

Free* Food

Shelf-stable ethical food product utilizing crowdfunding and economies of scale in order to subsidize low/no cost distribution to those in need and food deserts.

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