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A fashion brand that target people that feel like the world doesn’t get who they really are .

The Brand Seven

My hair oil known as “hair food” not only nourishes your hair but it also maintains overall hair health while utilizing clean ingredients straight from the earth.

The GoToStowe Store

A online marketplace that colloborates with HBCUS and students to market and sell their own brands, and products whilst promoting black excellence

Fresh Imports

We sell products on Amazon using FBA and FBM. We source our products online and instore.

Icona Charms

Icona Charms is a jewelry company the creates sophisticated jelwery that symbolizes everlasting connections to those you love

Cameron Thompson Photography

I want to create a photography business. I will specialize in portraits, but also do event, dance, and theater photography.


Protein pudding, elevating a classic desert with protein and simple ingredients to leave athletes feeling energized

Loved by Nature

All natural skincare for the health of our environment and the skin of all people.


My life’s story reflected through design.

TruRes Realt Estate

My idea is to create a real estate company that appeals to different types of buyers and sellers.

Candle & Bridal Company

Brides and groom search for the best wedding once they have found their match within each other, they want someone who can help bring their dream wedding to reality. A wedding that is magical and will be unforgettable. That is where my company comes in.


A pressure washing company with an emphasis on giving back to the community.

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