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Our product is an artificial coral reef that is produced with recycled plastic and manufactured using 3D-printed bioplastic (that is biodegradable) and will attach to existing coral reef to promote the growth of the reef bed along with reefs nearby.

Future 4.0

Future 4.0An interactive, gamified learning platform utilizing AI to supplement in-class learning

For Womenhood

A social media platform for women that provides location tracking and emergency alert features all while allowing women to give and receive professional and personal advice.

Food Lock

Foodlock is an app that allows users to reserve about to expire food from grocery stores and pick up the food from special lockers located in front of grocery stores.


EcoPack offers biodegradable packaging made from corn starch to reduce the environmental impact of traditional packaging materials and to create a more sustainable future for a wide range of industries while meeting customers’ needs.

Kitchen Keeper

Kitchen Keeper tracks your inventory and warns you when it‚ Äôs time to restock.


The quitting vape: an e-cigarette action plan.


TossUp: a social and approachable betting app that highlights the thrill of competition and the camaraderie of shared experiences.”

Say, Hi!

An online platform that connects people experiencing mental distress to licensed social workers, psychologists, and counselors across the world.

Healing Spirits

Mexican alcoholic beverages used to fund indigenous medicine

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