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A hot meal vending machine for students to get food when dining halls are closed.


The Senior+ watch is designed to assist caretakers and family members in addressing elderly needs.


Our product, PlateDrop is a delivery service that allows home cooks to sell ready made meals and, through a network of drivers, deliver them to hungry consumers.

Expeditionary Drones

How can drones assist the military on the battle field and at homestation.

Go Find Me

HongyuA locating and tracking decorative positioning device.


A gamified mental health educational application for youth.


A tactical stethoscope with improved form factor to increase usability and accessibility for combat medics.


MoodCheck is a playfully-designed, WashU-integrated, daily mood-tracking app that empowers students to think mindfully about their intentions, coping strategies, and emotions while harnessing the social power of network effects and streamlining campus resources.

Face 2 Face

We are planning to create an online tutoring service that targets foreigners that need with help mastering the English language.

ChiChi Foods

ChiChi is a breakfast company on a mission to replace oats with chickpeas in all sorts of breakfast products. Chickpeas are low in carbs, high in protein and fiber, and gluten free! Our oatmeal is healthy, AND delicious.


Mend is a platform that supports the circular fashion economy by connecting individuals with clothing repair & redesign needs to local creatives.


Digital platform for car enthusiasts and dealers to manage and share records

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