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Lightwave’s SlipFast

Creating a much more convenient travel experience for consumers, through our originally-manufactured, USB-C PD charger that is no thicker than a modern smartphone.


Your New Go-To Place for Recommendations.

Solution Watch

Solution Watch is a web extension and website platform that allows users to donate their time rather than money, to generate revenue for sustainable organizations through watching ads and survey completions.

Recycling Brothers

I thought to myself, what if I could use rubber and plastic trash to make qualitative, good looking and Eco responsible clothes.


OneCard is a proxy card that automatically routes transactions to the specific credit card in your wallet that maximizes rewards for any given purchase.

Eco friendly make up brand

Clients must choose between high quality products and eco-friendliness products. What if I told you that there is no more choice to be made?

Big Law Baby

We aim to provide onsite daycares to big law firms to make childcare and big law jobs more compatible for female attorneys.


A mobile app that allows students to earn money by lending and borrowing their things to other students.


Connecting uninsured people to health fairs in St. Louis.


Facilitating Payments for African students.

For Womenhood

A social media platform built to create a community of women whose prime objective is to help each other get ahead.


Nudging students towards conscious choices, not mindless management via an app-based platform.

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