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DickerSon’s source

A website resource to help families process and maneuver the end of life journey of a family member.

The Contraceptive Case

Protecting women and their phones through the creation of a phone case that holds oral contraceptive pills in order to increase adherence to and effectiveness of the pill.

Finer Medical Products

To set up a manufacturing company for medical consumables such as syringes, IV infusion sets, IV cannulae, and blood transfusion sets in Cameroon.


A Spanish dictionary populated with slang term definitions and examples for aspiring Spanish language learners


Condwears is a sex-positive, eco-friendly graphic apparel brand that is focusing its efforts on sex education and self-expression while creating quality sustainable textiles and comfort clothing. We are a vintage sustainable streetwear label with a cause.


Physician burnout is at an all-time high. The #1 contributor? Overly burdensome charting tasks in the electronic medical record (EMR). Our mission is to develop a dictation-to-action software that automates these time-consuming EHR tasks for the sake of improving patient care.

Safety Line

Safety Line brings Saint Louis an improved way to foster public safety.


Company that sorts waste into it’s proper category (landfill, recycling and compostable) at venues where otherwise it would all just be thrown into landfill.


Digital Record Keeping for the home!

IPTS Program

Activate the role of social workers in Saudi Arabia (with the orphans).


XChanger makes investing as simple as Swipe, Share, and Play by utilizing AI to build and monetize your portfolios!

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