7 Bentos

Walking along streets in downtowns, hurrying into subway stations, one can always notice the ones deprived of healthy food and shelter. They do not have decent clothes and tend to go through harsh weather with the same summer possessions. These homeless people’s underprivileged living conditions have significantly affected their health status and their self-dignity. Another social problem is there have been serious health issues arising from the rapid living and working speed of the working class. With the addressed social issues that people are facing, 7 Bentos is here to provide solutions. We are a food-provider that consists of a restaurant base and several food trucks dispersedly located. We will make 2-year room contracts with the ones that stay at our center. The food truck menu will change every day in a week, designed based on everyday nutrients needed for an adult. Food trucks will go around local areas with a schedule maintained in social media. 



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