Picture the best event you ever attended in your life. As you enter, you can feel the bass creep up your spine and into your head. Your head starts nodding, the DJ is playing your jam and you can’t contain yourself. Memories as such are curated by an event coordinator that had a connection to an incredibly talented performer. Unfortunately, that connection is not always there for every event. Connecting with one another is often an obscure, guesswork, or referral-based process and there is an immense amount of room to get it wrong. 3HM wants to create a bridge for these two sides to interact perfectly every time. According to the New York Post, on average a person in their lifetime will attend 8,640 events total, assuming they live 60 years. According to the US census there are 331.9 million people in the US. Assuming a conservative 50% serviceable attainable market share in the US, that gives my company, 3HM, 717 billion times to connect people to entertainment. If you have ever coordinated an event and struggled to find entertainment that creates the perfect vibe, 3HM wants to bring your unique vibe demand to a geotagged pool of talented performers. We take the referrals and guess work out of finding the perfect entertainment for your next “Banger”! 3HM is your direct connection to a curated list of performers, from DJs, to singers, to saxophonists, etc. We have the talent you need to make your event someone else’s best night ever.

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