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IdeaBounce® is a connected network that advances entrepreneurial ambitions of students, faculty and community members. IdeaBounce® is a collaborative learning environment where people can connect to discuss ideas openly and advance ideas into action. Anyone can view and post ideas at any stage from a napkin to prototype and we encourage interactions among everyone to share, support and inspire innovation through www.IdeaBounce.com.

Throughout the year, we host in-person IdeaBounce® events for people who have posted ideas and want to deliver a short, two-minute elevator pitch. These pitches focus on the clarity of the idea, passion of the presenter and an ask for help to receive feedback from the audience of entrepreneurs and innovators. 

If you are interested in hosting an IdeaBounce® event, please contact us to chat about the opportunity.

And if you are with a university, college, or academic institution and are interested in partnering with IdeaBounce®, you are invited to get in touch.

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