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Curator is a game-changer app, platform, and extension tool in the world of gift gifting. We harnessed the power of technology to make the gift-giving process not only convenient but deeply meaningful.


Beeline is a non-profit service sharing platform that allows young adults to share their skills with children at low-cost or for volunteer hours, making educational and extracurricular services accessible for under-privileged youth.

Beyond Soccer

A service provided to professional soccer clubs that improves their community engagement initiatives, attracts a new customer segment (i.e. low and moderate income attendees), and bolsters community impact.


Mend is a platform that supports the circular fashion economy by connecting individuals with clothing repair & redesign needs to local creatives and seamstresses.

The Legal Accountability Project

The Legal Accountability Project (LAP) democratizes information about judges through our Centralized Clerkships Database, thereby ensuring that more judicial law clerks have positive experiences and improving clerkships, the judiciary, and the legal profession.

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