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STL Kitchen Lab

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STL Kitchen Lab is a food incubation and kitchen co-working space for independent food businesses, dinner events, restaurant pop-ups, and more. We can help food businesses start in licensed kitchens at a fraction of the price. By creating a sustainable community centered around food we hope to bring consciousness to food issues while helping individuals begin their food ventures.

Unlike hackers, coders, and web designers, food entrepreneurs canít operate out of dorm rooms or garages. Food production by law must take place in kitchens that meet strict city health codes. Building an up-to-code kitchen space can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. We want to provide a platform and support network to help budding entrepreneurs go from concept to store shelves and eventually to a commercial space of their own. By creating a site for a collaborative food community, we offset the costs of space and provide a network of resources. We want to help chefs, entrepreneurs, and food enthusiasts have a space to create a profit from their idea.

Sachi Nagase
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Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products, Professional Services

Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Research Partners, Investors, Legal Advice, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting




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