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Welcome to the IdeaBounce® website for the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis.  Since 2005, the IdeaBounce® site and events have helped early-stage entrepreneurs connect with each other and with the resources they need to help move their ideas forward.  

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    Human Sexuality Version 2.0
    posted by Gabi Lipede

    Leverage current and next-generation biotechnologies in the hopes of ultimately eradicating physiologically based sexual dysfunction in men and women.

    industry: Plant and Life Science, Social Ventures, Minority Entrepreneurs

    needs: Team Members, Advisors, Research Partners, Communication Strategy

    Project Rehab
    posted by Joel Black

    I aim to reduce recidivism among justice involved males in the St. Louis. I want to provide them with a safe space where they are supported in accessing the resources necessary to complete the provisions of their release. This begins with housing and employment. Clients will also have access to case managers will assist in directing them additional resources. This for profit model will generate revenue through purchasing, rehabbing, and either selling or renting real estate. This will also be used to provide housing for the clients. Clients will be employed rehabbing and managing the houses.

    industry: Social Ventures, Minority Entrepreneurs

    needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting

    HearIQ Service
    posted by Amanda Ortmann

    HearIQ is a service to provide Hearing & communication Enhancement to Assist Residents in Improving their Quality of life. HearIQ Service offers residents of retirement and/or assistive living facilities a web-application based tracking of their communication needs and service requests, prompt on-site access to audiologic care, training of staff to facilitate effective communication with residents, implementation of various hearing-assistive technology (television and telephone amplifiers), as well as environmental modifications to promote ease of listening and communication.

    industry: Social Ventures, Professional Services, Women Entrepreneurs

    needs: Mentors, Investors, Technology

    Haptic Glove Camera
    posted by Maximillian Suiter

    Leveraging haptic and photographic technologies, and combining them with conscientious design, I hope to develop a glove that can take high quality photographs based on user hand position. To empower its wearer to be more than just the button pusher, the button itself.

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Mentors, Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Communication Strategy

    posted by Elizabeth Bowman

    We are Nephrozip and our mission is to improve the health of individuals with cancerous tumors by developing a kidney suturing device for soft organ tissue closure that is faster, easier and safer. Current methods are inadequate - cumbersome, expensive, and not even designed specifically or FDA approved for kidney use. We are looking for funding so that we can move forward with pig testing and FDA testing - are you interested in learning more?

    industry: Plant and Life Science

    needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors

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